All Members below the age of 40 with their affiliation in the CED-IADR area are considered Young CED-IADR Members. They are eligible to apply for the title of CED-IADR Ambassador. The ‘Young CED-IADR’ project aims at supporting students and young researchers who want to become established in the research field. The Ambassadors’ role is to promote oral health research in the country of their affiliation and CED-IADR’s involvement therein. Young CED-IADR is represented in the CED-IADR Board by the Young CED-IADR Chair.

The Young CED-IADR Chair is an official member of the CED-IADR Board, representing Young CED-IADR, among which the CED-IADR Ambassadors, during a term of three (3) years. Any Regular Member who does not exceed the age of thirty-seven (37), can be eligible for the position of Young CED-IADR Chair on the condition that she/he shall be affiliated within the CED-IADR area during her/his position.


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