1. Main mission is to spread the word about the CED-IADR organization and activities (e.g. congress, summer school, etc.) among researchers and students from their respective country or region. CED-IADR offers a unique set of opportunities for its members:

  • Platform to present your own Research in an oral or poster presentation format
  • Networking with your peers
  • Junior & Senior CED-IADR Robert Frank Awards
  • 'My first research' CED-IADR Awards
  • CED-IADR Visiting Scholar Grants to conduct research abroad at an European center of excellence
  • Yearly CED/PER-IADR Meeting Travel Awards
  • IADR Unilever Hatton Divisional Award to attend the IADR-at-large meeting
  • Free Access to JDR (Journal of Dental Research) online
  • Online publication of CED-IADR abstracts 
  • New 'Clinical case report' posters for clinicians
  • Low meeting registration fee for CED-IADR student members
  • Reduced meeting registration fee
  • State of the art symposia on diverse Oral Health related subjects
  • Free CED-IADR Summer School (1 week)

Additionally, CED-IADR ambassadors are expected to encourage non-members to become CED-IADR member and so to benefit from belonging to the premier organization representing European Oral Health Research. The CED-IADR Ambassador may take the initiative to visit universities or attend other oral health congresses/events in their country to represent CED-IADR and to provide leaflets explaining and promoting the CED-IADR community and its activities.

2. Ambassadors could help and inform other CED-IADR members about:

  • Membership renewal
  • Registration for upcoming meetings
  • Abstract submission and/or review
  • Award & grant selection and helping with the application
  • Addressing questions/problems and potentially transferring them to the CED-IADR Board

Having a CED-IADR Ambassador in each EU country enables each member to personally contact his/her Ambassador for any clarification using the respective country’s language. A list of the Ambassadors together with their country, spoken language and email address will be made available on the official CED-IADR site. In this way CED-IADR Ambassadors will be officially recognized for this function.

3. Ambassadors may help with the organization of a meeting, e.g. information session for members, chairing oral sessions, reviewing abstracts, setting up oral and poster sessions, contacting local companies for support, etc.; they may even help with specific tasks requested by the CED-IADR office.

Being a CED-IADR Ambassador will not exclude you from all activities of a member inside the CED-IADR, including the participation to the meetings, abstract submission, symposium lecturing, application for an award, chairing oral sessions, being part of the scientific committee and local committee, etc.

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