General Assembly

What is the General Assembly?

A general assembly is a meeting of all the members of an organisation.

  • The CED-IADR General Assembly is composed of all Members of the Association.
  • It has the powers attributed to it by the present byelaws and the law.
  • The General Assembly of the Members is held once a year.
  • Each General Assembly is held at the domicile or in any other place in Europe indicated in the agenda to the meeting.
  • Each voting Member can have himself represented by another voting Member. This power of attorney is given in writing. A member can have no moren than two autoisations.

Competences of the CED-IADR General Assembly

The General Assembly has the competences that are explicitly attributed to it by the law or the present byelaws. Especially belong to its exclusive competence:

  • the amendments to the byelaws;
  • the reports drawn up by the CED-IADR Board to check their management, functioning and financial situation;
  • determination of the annual membership fee on the proposal of the CED-IADR Board;
  • the discharge to the Members of the CED-IADR Board;
  • the approval of the annual accounts;
  • the liquidation and the dissolution of the Association;
  • the merger with other Associations with the same object;
  • the acceptance conform article 6.2.b) and the exclusion of a Member;
  • the election of the Members of the Board, if necessary;
  • consider and treat the proposals in order of importance that concern the development of the Association and look after its interests.

Upcoming CED-IADR General Assembly Meeting

Come to our next CED-IADR General Assembly meeting (for CED-IADR members only), which will be during the IADR-at-large meeting in London, UK (July 25-28, 2018) on Friday, July 27, 2018 from 16-17 hr in ExCel London Convention Centre, Capital Suite 7, Level 3.

Last CED-IADR General Assembly Meeting

Our last General Assembly was at the CED-IADR/NOF Oral Health Research Congress in Vienna, Austria (Sept 21-23, 2017) on Friday, September 22, 2017 from 12:30 - 13:30 hr. 

Read below the minutes.

  • General Assembly meeting held in Vienna 2017
  • General Assembly meeting held in Jerusalem 2016
  • General Assembly meeting held in Antalya 2015
  • General Assembly meeting held in Dubrovnik 2014
  • General Assembly meeting held in Florence 2013
General Assembly

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