CED-IADR ‘My First Research’ Poster Award

The CED-IADR has set up this poster award to provide the opportunity to young investigators to communicate about their first research experience at a CED-IADR meeting.

The Competition will take place on the firts day of the CED/NOF-IADR Congress from 8:30 till 10:00.


In order to apply for a CED-IADR 'My First Research' Poster Award, you have to meet the following conditions:

  • Candidates must be a CED-IADR member 
  • Candidates must have their affiliation in the CED-IADR area.
  • Candidates should be 30 years or younger at the time of application.
  • Candidates must submit an abstract to be presented as a poster before the abstract-submission deadline.
  • Candidates need to be the first author and presenter of the abstract.
  • The presenter should present for the first time at a(n IADR) congress, and the presenter should not have been first nor co-author before of a publication.
  • Research should not have been published nor presented before at any other scientific meeting.
  • Winners are requested to attend the General Assembly on the Friday of the congress.
  • The CED-IADR 'My First Research' Poster Award can be received only once.
  • One can only apply for ONE award of ONE IADR division at the CED/NOF-IADR meeting. (Exception: you can apply for the Travel Grant and in parallel for another competition and/or CED-IADR Scholar Grant)

Contact info for additional questions: ced.iadr@uzleuven.be


  • The winners of the CED-IADR ’My first research award’” receive a certificate and € 500 with a one-year free membership for the first prize and a certificate and € 250 with a one-year free membership for the second prize.

  • Please be informed that it is mandatory for the winners to attend the CED-IADR General Assembly (GA)

  • The winners will be officially announced during the Congress Opening Ceremony (registration may be required) and CED-IADR General Assembly (usually on Friday during lunch).
    Note: In case a winner is not attending the Opening Ceremony & CED-IADR General Assembly the prize will not be paid.


2023 Rhodes: 

  • 1st Prize: Daniel Jimnez-Diez, Rey Juan Carlos University, Spain: “Effect of Vital Pulp Therapy Antiseptic Agents on Dentin Bonding”
  • 2nd prize: Ioannis Tsolianos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece : “Properties of Glass-Ionomer Cements Reinforced with Calcium-Modified Clay Nanoparticles”

2022 Marseille: no competition

2021 Brussels:

2019 Madrid:

2017 Vienna:

  • 1st prize: Fareeha Batool  (Strassbourg, France)
  • 2nd prize: Anna S. Mueller (Vienna, Austria)
CED-IADR ‘My First Research’ Poster Award

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