Travel Award

The CED-IADR Travel Award is financial support for young researchers to participate (in person) at the next CED/PER-IADR meeting.


In order to apply for a CED-IADR Travel Award, you have to meet the following conditions:

  • Candidates must be a present CED-IADR member (at the time of application). 
  • Candidates must have their affiliation in the CED-IADR area.
  • Candidates may not be older than 35 years at the time of application.

  • Candidates must have submitted an abstract before the abstract-submission deadline.
  • Candidates who reside in the city (or in relatively close proximity) where the congress is held, will be excluded.
  • A CED-IADR Travel Award can only be received once.
  • Candidates can only apply for ONE award of ONE IADR division. (Exception: candidates may apply additionally for a CED-IADR Robert Frank Award and/or the CED-IADR Visiting Scholar Grant).

Once the candidates' abstracts have been accepted for presentation and included in the scientific programme, the CED-IADR awards committee will evaluate the abstracts on basis of the average Scientific Committee scores. Each abstract is usually evaluated by 3 Scientific Committee members. 

Travel Award Recipients are notified after Committee Review which begins after the deadline for 'abstract notifications emailed to presenters'.

How to proceed

  • Submit an abstract at the CED/PER-IADR meeting (see meetings) by using the online abstract submission site and check the box representing the respective award category you wish to compete in. 
  • Follow additional submission obligations described at the abstract submission site.

Once the notification for abstract acceptance was submitted to the presenters, the CED-IADR Board will make a selection out of all abstracts submitted for the competition. Travel award winners are selected on basis of the scientific quality of the abstract (and upon acceptance of the abstract by the congress Scientific Committee).

All applicants will be informed by email on the results of this selection.


In 2021 Brussels:




Caroline Mocquot

Paris, France

Bonding of an experimental bioglass-based 2-step universal adhesive to dentin

Manuel Toledano-Osorio

Granada, Spain

Bone-forming Genes Expression of Osteoblasts Cultured on Polymeric Nanosctructured Membranes.

Foteini Machla

Heraklion, Greece

Dentin Regeneration by DMP-1/BMP-2-Plasmid-Modified Nanoparticle-Treated DPSCs on Dentin Scaffolds

Andres Torres

Leuven, Belgium

Accuracy of virtually-guided access cavity preparation through Augmented Reality

Cansu Atalay

Ankara, Turkey

Shear Bond Strengths of Two Newly Marketed Self-Adhesive Resin Cements

Chen Zong

Leuven, Belgium

Dynamic Changes In Orthodontic Tooth Movement In Rats: 3D Analysis

Anna Koutrouli

Thessaloniki, Greece

Biological Responses of Calcium-Silicate-Based Cements on a 3D Pulp Analogue

Athina Christina Georgiou

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The microbiome of endodontic infections and its association with clinical features

Nektarios Tsoromokos

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bone Loss Estimation in Periodontitis using Machine Learning on Periapicals

Neusa Silva

Lisboa, Portugal

Bacterial adhesion on laser and milled micro-texturized zirconia implant surfaces

Pelin Kukey

Istanbul, Turkey

Effect of Biomimetic Mineralization on Demineralized Dentin: A SEM/EDS Analysis

Xiaojun Mao

Rengensburg, Germany

Phenotypic adaptation of oral bacterial isolates toward chlorhexidine-digluconate and cetylpyridinium-chloride

Teodora Karteva

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Bone regeneration in Apical Periodontitis

Avneesh Chopra

Berlin, Germany

BACH1 binding links the genetic risk for severe periodontitis with ST8SIA1

Giacomo Baima

Turin, Italy

Surface decontamination for surgical treatment of peri-implantitis: A systematic review

Virginia Biferi

Chieti, Italy

Mechanical Properties of a Graphene-based Composite for Dental Restorations

Andrea Roccuzzo

Bern, Switzerland

Long-term Outcomes of Periodontal Regeneration with Enamel Matrix Derivative (EMD)

Maria Maia Azevedo

Maia, Portugal

The Impact of Hypertension on the Oral Health during Pregnancy.

Panagiotis Ntovas

Athens, Greece

Occlusal Caries Detection in vivo and on 3D Digital Models

Rossana Izzetti

Pisa, Italy

Prognostic value of Ultra-High Frequency Ultrasound in primary Sjögren Syndrome

Sevgi Arabulan

Izmir, Turkey

Regenerative Endodontic Treatment with Blood Clot and PRF: A Clinical Report

Alexander De Greef

Londerzeel, Belgium

>3Years Follow-up of a Variable-Thread Tapered Implant.

Banndith Cheat

Montrouge, France

Role of NLRP3 Inflammasome in Periodontitis : Friend or Foe?

Sandra Roumani

Marseille, France

Osteogenic Potential of Human Periosteal-Derived Cells for Bone Regeneration

Ana Filipa Silva Marques

Lisbon, Portugal

Cytotoxicity of commercial hyaluronate-based aphthae treatment gels

Antonín Tichý

Prague, Czechia

Release of Bisphenol A from Dental Polycarbonate Materials

Nagore Arroyo Lamas

Leioa, Spain

Time-induced Ageing of Titanium Dental Implants

2021 CED-IADR Attendance/Travel Award abstract can be reviewed here. 

In 2019 Madrid:

NameCity, CountryAbstract Title

Chloé Le Fournis

Marseille, France

Complement C5a and mesenchymal stem cell recruitment

Thomas Giraud

Marseille, France

BioRoot™ RCS modulates the regeneration mechanisms initiated by periodontal ligament fibroblasts.

Mila Janjic Rankovic

Munich, Germany

Comparison of Two Controls Used in WAB In Vitro Experiments

Vinay Pitchika

Greifswald, Germany

Long-term impact of powered toothbrush on oral health: 11-year cohort study

Maria Paschalidou

Munich, Germany

Biological effect of full-length amelogenin protein:events leading to de novo formation of periodontal tissues.

Wuttapon Sadaeng

Budapest, Hungary

Influence of Sensory and Autonomic Denervation on Pulp CGRP Level

Kasidid Ruksakiet

Budapest, Hungary

Antimicrobial Effectiveness of Sodium Hypochlorite and Chlorhexidine Irrigation: A Meta-Analysis

Tamás Demeter

Budapest, Hungary

Effect Of Smoking Intensity On Whole And Minor Saliva Secretions

Marina Peric

Pisa, Italy

The effects of a 6-month vitamin D supplementation during non-surgical treatment of periodontitis in vitamin D deficient patients: a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study

Stefano Gennai

Pisa, Italy

Acute Phase Response After Non-Surgical and Surgical Periodontal Treatment

Urška Marhl

Pisa, Italy

Effects of Periodontal Treatment on Overall Well-being

Angeliki Polymeri

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Surgical Treatment of Peri-Implantitis with Two Different Types of Xenograft

Janneke Scheerman

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The effect evaluation of an online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program for children’s dental anxiety


Groningen, Netherlands

Identification of adhesion-force induced gene expression, its force sensitivity and height distribution in Streptococcus mutans biofilms

Alexander R.E. Verhelst

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Periodontitis Is A Risk Indicator For Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Brunilda Dhamo

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Dental Development and the Occurrence of Aberrant Occlusal Dental Traits

Marije Kaan

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Feasibility of home sampling by mothers in infants for microbiota analysis of multiple oral niches

Nehir Canigur Bavbek

Ankara, Turkey

Understanding the effect of palatally impacted canines on transversal width of dental arch: Quadrant analysis of three dimensional data


Izmir, Turkey

1-Year Clinical Follow-up of Selective Caries Removal in Deep Dentin Carious Lesions

Ruhsan Muduroglu

Mersin, Turkey

Adhesive Application in Class II Composite Restorations Before/After Matrix Positioning

2019 CED-IADR Travel Award abstract can be reviewed here. 

In 2018:

  • Stevan Cokic (Leuven, Belgium)
  • Dono Khharova (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Joana Marques (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Marina Miteva (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Beliz Ozel (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Thomas Spinell (Munich, Germany)
  • Gamze Yalcin (Ankara, Turkey)

In 2017:

  • Mohammed Ahmed (Leuven, Belgium)
  • Stevan Cokic (Leuven, Belgium)
  • Joana Costa (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Mariana Cruz (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Mustafa Donmez (Konya, Turkey)
  • Cristina Parise Gré (Leuven, Belgium)
  • Nina Grguraš (Ljubljana, Slovenia)
  • Tugce Gezer (Konya, Turkey)
  • Zeynep Kutuk (Ankara, Turkey)
  • Siemon De Nys (Leuven, Belgium)
  • Fatma Öz (Ankara, Turkey)
  • Begum Orucguney (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Matej Par (Hungary)
  • Mariano Nicolas Pedano De Piero (Leuven, Belgium)
  • Athanasios Rigos (Thessaloniki, Greece)
  • Sara Nogueira Ribeiro (Lisboa, Portugal)
  • Fabio Sánchez (Castro Urdiales, Spain)
  • Tuba Yilmaz-Savas (Konya, Turkey)
  • Nazli Sirinsukan (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Ayse Tunac (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Fausto Zamparini  (Bologna, Italy)

In 2016:

  • Ana Paula Ayres (Belgium)
  • Hadas Dorchin-Ashkenazi (Israel)
  • Siemon De Nys (Belgium)
  • Andrei Ionescu (Italy)
  • Yehuda Klein (Israel)
  • Remy Massouh (France)
  • Izabella Nagy (Hungary)
  • Ivana Nedeljkovic (Belgium)
  • Zuzanna Oruba (Poland)
  • Mariano N. Pedano (Belgium)
  • Veli Öztürk (Turkey)

In 2015:

  • Maria Bousnaki (Thessaloniki, Greece)
  • Nikola Jakovljevic (Belgrade, Serbia)
  • Rozita Jalali (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Ekaterina Karteva (Plovdiv, Bulgaria)
  • Madeline Kosho (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Xin Li (Leuven, Belgium)
  • Jovana Marjanovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
  • Ivana Nedeljkovic (Leuven, Belgium)
  • Beliz Özel (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Michael Wolf (Bonn, Germany)
  • Tuba Yilmaz (Ankara, Turkey) 

In 2014:

  • P. ALTINCI (Turku, Finland)
  • A. AKCALI (Izmir, Turkey)
  • A. BADOVINAC (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • B.C.F. BARRETO (Leuven, Belgium)
  • B.P. CALENIC (Romania, Bucharest)
  • S. COKIC (Leuven, Belgium)
  • M. CZOWNICKA (Berlin, Germany)
  • S. FARKASDI (Budapest, Hungary)
  • V. KOMLENIC (Belgrade, Serbia)
  • I. SALARIC (Zagreb, Croatia)

In 2013:

  • E. Ozturk (Ankara, Turkey)
  • K. Gorseta (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • B. Kanat (Izmir, Turkey)
  • M. Çômlekoglu (Izmir, Turkey)

In 2012:

  • Samir Cimic (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Eva Klaric (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Danijela Marovic (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Bogdan Calenic (Bucharest, Romania)
  • Makbule Akbulut (Selcuklu, Turkey)
  • Bora Bagis (Trabzon, Turkey)
  • Andac Barkin (Bavbek, Turkey)
  • Mehmet Guneser (Konya, Turkey)
  • Burcu Kanat (Izmir, Turkey)
  • Duygu Yaman (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Tevfik Yavuz (Konya, Turkey)

In 2011:

  • Aliye Akcali (Izmir,Turkey)
  • Mehmet Akin (Konya,Turkey)
  • Anita Beck (Budapest,Hungary)
  • Gábor Berkei (Budapest,Hungary)
  • Samir Cimic (Zagreb,Croatia)
  • Mithikar Gürsel (Konya,Turkey)
  • Bernard Jankovic (Zagreb,Croatia)
  • Eva Klaric (Zagreb,Croatia)
  • Neshka Atanasova Manchorova-Veleva (Plovdiv,Bulgaria)
  • Hesna Ovecoglu from Istanbul,Turkey
  • Özgün Özçaka from Izmir,Turkey
  • Hesna Ovecoglu from Istanbul,Turkey
  • Özgün Özçaka from Izmir,Turkey
  • Muhsin Özdem from Isparta,Turkey
  • Burcu Özdemir from Ankara,Turkey
  • Elif Ozturk from Ankara,Turkey
  • Péter Stiedl from Budapest,Hungary
  • Kun Tian from Budapest,Hungary
  • Isa Yondem from Konya,Turkey

In 2010:

  • Atilla Gul, Izmir, Turkey
  • Bagis Bora, Trabzon, Turkey
  • Bingol Pinar, Izmir, Turkey
  • Biyikoglu Basak, Izmir, Turkey
  • Demeter Tamás, Budapest, Hungary
  • Dündar Mine, Izmir, Turkey
  • Erdem Adalet, Izmir, Turkey
  • Gumus Hasan Onder, Kayseri, Turkey
  • Gurbuz Gozde Anil, Balcali, Adana, Turkey
  • Ilhan Kal Betül, Izmir, Turkey
  • Karaarslan Bekir, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • Karabekiroglu Said, Konya, Turkey
  • Keremi Beata, Budapest, Hungary
  • Koyuncuoglu Cenker, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Márton Krisztina>, Budapest, Hungary
  • Matosevic Danijela, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Sagirkaya Elcin, Izmir, Turkey
  • Stiedl Péter, Budapest, Hungary
  • Usumez Aslihan, Gaziantep, Turkey
  • Szabo Elod, Budapest, Hungary
  • Yalcin Muhammet, Malatya, Turkey
  • Yucel Munir Tolga, Konya, Turkey

In 2009:

  • Buyukozer Serife Tuba (Konya, Turkey)
  • Celik Esra Uzer (Isparta, Turkey)
  • Eldeniz Ayce Unverdi (Konya, Turkey)
  • Gokce Bulent (Izmir, Turkey)
  • Gursel Mihtikar (Konya, Turkey)
  • Gyurkovics Milán (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Hakki Sema S. (Konya, Turkey)
  • Karaarslan Emine Sirin (Gaziantep, Turkey)
  • Loncar Bozana (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Önay Emel Olga (Ankara, Turkey)
  • Ozdemir Erdem (Ankara, Turkey)
  • Ozdemir Niler (Izmir, Turkey)
  • Panduric Vlatko (Zagreb, Croatia)
  • Patser Aniko (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Ulker Mustafa (Kayseri, Turkey)
  • Ulker H. Esra (Konya, Turkey)
  • Unlu Nimet (Konya, Turkey


Want to be our next CED-IADR winner? To apply, see the regulations above.

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Travel Award

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