Ambassadors in Action


The Young CED-IADR project was initiated in 2017 by Young CED-IADR Chair Andrei Ionescu. His challenge was to establish a first team of Ambassadors representing various countries. Since its initiation, Young CED-IADR has sought ways to increase the visibility of young researchers in CED-IADR. Read below Young CED-IADR's development in short:

  • CED-IADR has increasingly offered Young CED-IADR various opportunities to participate in CED-IADR activities or to be part of its organisation (e.g. Young CED-IADR symposia, workshops and free CED-IADR Summer Schools).
  • From 2020, the Young CED-IADR Chair is an official member of the CED-IADR Board and representative of the Young CED-IADR (Ambassadors). CED-IADR members below the age of 40 are considered Young CED-IADR members.
  • In autumn 2020, Young CED-IADR successfully organised its first two scientific-related webinars.


1. The CED-IADR Ambassador’s mission is to spread the word about the Association and its activities (e.g. congress, summer school, etc.) among researchers and students in their country or region. CED-IADR offers a unique set of opportunities for its members:

  • Platform to present your own Research in an oral or poster presentation format
  • Networking with your peers
  • Compete in the CED-IADR junior & senior Robert Frank awards
  • Compete in the CED-IADR 'My first research' Awards
  • Apply for the CED-IADR Visiting Scholar Grant to conduct research abroad at an European research centre of excellence
  • Yearly CED/PER-IADR Congress Travel Awards
  • Compete in the IADR Unilever Hatton Divisional Award, thus being invited at the IADR-at-large meeting
  • Free access to JDR (Journal of Dental Research) online
  • Online publication of CED-IADR abstracts
  • 'Clinical case report' posters for clinicians
  • Low congress registration fee for CED-IADR student members
  • Reduced congress registration fee
  • State-of-the-art symposia on diverse subjects related to oral health
  • Free CED-IADR Summer School (1 week)

Additionally, CED-IADR Ambassadors are expected to encourage their peers to become CED-IADR members. CED-IADR Ambassadors may take the initiative to visit universities or attend other oral health congresses/events in their country to represent CED-IADR by promoting the CED-IADR community and its activities through leaflets.

2. Ambassadors may inform other CED-IADR members about:

  • Membership renewal
  • Registration for the upcoming congress
  • Abstract submission and/or review
  • Awards & grants application and selection

Ambassadors are expected to answer questions and help with solving problems in their country. Questions or problems which cannot be answered or solved may be addressed to the CED-IADR Board.  

Having a CED-IADR Ambassador in each country within the CED-IADR area enables each member to personally contact her/his Ambassador for any clarification using the respective country’s language. A list of the Ambassadors, the countries they represent, and their email address is made available on the official CED-IADR site. In this way, CED-IADR Ambassadors are officially recognised for the function of Ambassador.

3. Ambassadors may help with the organisation of a congress, by e.g. setting up an informative session for members, chairing oral sessions, reviewing abstracts, setting up oral and/or poster sessions, contacting local companies for sponsorship, etc.; they may even help with specific tasks assigned to them by the CED-IADR office.

CED-IADR Ambassadors are still welcome to take part in cedCED-IADR member activities such as, congresses and summer schools, for which they may; submit an abstract, give a symposium lecture, apply for an award, and chair oral sessions. Moreover, Ambassadors are eligible to join the scientific committee and local committee, etc.


  • A Facebook (FB) private page serves to allow fast communication of private updates among Ambassadors.
  • A FB public page serves as a platform for young CED-IADR members to formulate questions. In this way, CED-IADR Ambassadors can give valuable answers and information for all to read.


  • The CED-IADR Secretariat can provide Ambassadors with presentations which serve as a baseline when presenting what the CED-IADR membership benefits and all awards & grants conditions are.
  • An online session can be set up, if requested, to inform CED-IADR Ambassadors of how to give an informative presentation or how they can help with specific Young CED-IADR projects, such as a Young CED-IADR webinar or symposia.


In 2017, it was agreed that CED-IADR Ambassador meetings are held during each CED/PER-IADR congress. The next meeting will be held at the PER-IADR congress in Marseille, France - September 15-17, 2022. An invitation will be sent in due time.

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